Where Are You Grace Buzik?

Of course I did a very quick search for Grace Buzik, after I found her name plate inside of this most amazing birding book, Stalking Birds With Color Camera by Arthur A. Allen.  It seems to me that she has been an illustrator, living in Calgary.  I am going to have to follow up with this search by reading the books that she has illustrated: The Prairie Gardener’s Book of Bugs by Ruth Staal & Nora Bryan Illustrated by: Grace Buzik; a beautiful Mountain Journal,  and Best Bulbs for the Prairies by Liesbeth Leatherbarrow, Lesley Reynolds, Grace Buzik (Illustrations).

I think that it’s an interesting thing that I should pick up a beautiful birding book that was once owned by an illustrator. ‘Serendipity’, some would say…

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    • I don’t know if you will get this message, Grace, but I wondered if we could meet up one day? I also live in Calgary and would be happy to pick you up or meet you for coffee. I would like to talk about art and birds and life. If you DO get this message after all of this time, perhaps you would e mail me at shepaintsred@yahoo.ca I treasure the bird book!

  1. Hi Painter Lady. I am, Grace Buzik. My published illustrative books are as follows “The Prairie Gardener’s Source Book (ISBN 1-894004-66-3), Silk, Spices and Glory (ISBN 1-894004-52-3), Mountain Journal (ISBN 1-894004-48-5), Alaska Highway Journal (ISBN awaiting publication), West Coast Journal (ISBN awaiting publication), Wild Alberta (ISBN 1-894856-33-3), Best Bulbs for the Prairies (ISBN 1-894004-61-2), The Praitie Gardener’s Book of Bugs (ISBN 1-894004-87-6), But It’s a Dry Cold (ISBN 1-894004-01-9), The Calgary Gardener: Beyond the Basics (ISBN 1-894004-00-0 made the Canadian Best-seller list), The Canadian Rockies Guide to WILDLIFE WATCHING (ISBN 1-894004-44-2), All thoseare published by Fifth House Publishing, the final book is Trees & Shrubs for the Prairies (info@landscape-alberta.com). I can send you the cover art fot all of them if you like.

    I just want to say “Stalking Birds with the Colour Camera” was a treasured book I had for many years. I am so glad it has landed in the hands of someone lovely as you who will treasure it as I did

    • Thank you SOOOO much Grace. I really appreciate the information on your books and I’m so impressed by your illustrations! I have, the past five years, made an effort to depict a number of endangered species and have posted some of the work in my ‘artist’ section of this wordpress blog. I DO hope you have had a chance to see them. I was ‘stalking’ a species of bird this weekend on a sheep farm in southern Alberta and just can’t figure out what it was, but am going to find it, for sure! I think that it’s neat that you also live in Calgary! Anyway, I WILL treasure your book AND the one that I have since found out that I must have picked up at the same time, a book about the Impressionists, a topic that I can never get tired of. Hoping you are still making art. Kathleen

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