Listening to Ambient Music and Voices

I attended MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)…had a chance to view the works by John Chamberlain, Iain Baxter, Jacques Hurbubise and Julie Duschenes.  I was particularly fond of the works by Duschenes, given that the series portrayed her walks, Walk Transcriptions, in a purely original and accurate way.  After enjoying all of this, I made my way upstairs where I viewed a whole number of portraits of Christopher J. J. Reimer.  Marc Rimmer did a wonderful job curating the exhibit.  It left me speechless.

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  1. Hello wonderful you – just to let you know I am nominating you for the Awesome Blog Content (ABC) Award. No-one I follow deserves it more. Details will appear on my blog today or tomorrow. Cheers, John.

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