Sharing a Garden Walk With Mom and Dad

My parents have everything to do with my love for gardening. While I’ve only ever had a very small back yard, I make an effort to create beauty there every summer, in part because of the passion that my Mom and Dad inspired.  They are so far away that it is impossible to share the changing colour and new blooms, the fruits of my labour.   In fact it was via skype that my father informed me that I need to transplant those little strawberry trailers back into the garden.  I’ll do that today!  I love you, Mom and Dad.  Enjoy the walk with me this morning through my little garden.

2 thoughts on “Sharing a Garden Walk With Mom and Dad

  1. Kat–What a beautiful little video–You are a gardiner have no doubt—The more you pick the lettuce the more it grows–Enjoy in your salad—Love Mom & Dad

  2. My parents and my mum’s parents gifted me with a love of gardening – I spent so many happy hours as a child playing in the soil and learning about plants and worms and insects and growing food. As an urbanite I now only have a small patio container garden but this is enough to keep my love of gardening alive. You are so blessed to have a real garden and thank you for sharing it…

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