Write On

I’m less enthusiastic about blogging lately.  It goes like that.  However, this evening it’s spitting rain…it’s grey.  There is no looking, no matter the desire to do so, at the transit of Venus across the sun.  We can only pretend that the sun is there.  My cat is cradled in my arms, just slightly in front of the keyboard…purring.  I’ve poured a glass of red and I’m sipping.  Skype is turned on and I anticipate a call from my Mom and Dad but; presently, they are off line.  I consider the placement of the comma before the word ‘presently’, having removed it from  ‘before the word but’. And now I question the apostophes around (before the word but).  I’m in a writing/editing mood.  Writing is like a good word puzzle…great entertainment.

I’ve just eaten a pork chop and spinach and feel so contented.  The hail storms and thunder storms pounded the landscape last night and there are threats of the same tonight.  I worked in the garden, but now am pleasantly comfortable in pyjamas, with my cat.  I’ve three books on the go…but don’t want to pick one of them up right now.  So, I’m going to write.  Move-pen-move.  Much has happened recently and it is good to sandwich these moments between a keyboard and a monitor and spew the sandwich out to the universe for much of time, whatever that is.  Some days I just like to ‘chill’ with words.  Write on!  So, here we go.

I know! I paid the deposit, but I really should have returned that folk festival plate!

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