What About Bob?

In a Montana high school, we were both speech competitors, but in different events.  We sometimes had long journeys across state for competitions and the bus rides were very entertaining.  What I treasured most were long conversations about every topic under the sun.  Bob was always there for those.  So was I.  It wasn’t until university that I studied philosophy, but on one of those sleepy long drives in the dark in 1973 (all of us perched on seat arms in the aisles), I learned about Immanuel Kant and went out and purchased a book.  I’ve been inquisitive ever since…about most things.

This past weekend, Bob came up to Calgary and introduced me to an amazing A Cappella group from Finland, Ryjaton, performing at Knox United church.  We first shared in a bite at the Blackfoot Diner.  I only wished that I had taken a photograph there. 

Later, it was a beautiful thing to hear music that reached down into the soul.  Sharing the evening with our own Calgary Philharmonic Chorus, Ryjaton totally wowwed me with their vocal abilities and with their inspiring interpretations of music.  Thank you, Bob.

We shared a big Stampede breakfast in the morning and some conversation in the studio. 


It is difficult to believe that it has been almost forty years since we shared our thoughts.  It was all so natural.  A blessing.  Before we knew it, it was time for Bob to head back to Montana…his home and family.  But, for that short time, we certainly were blessed by music, ideas and remembrance!  Friendship is a wonderful thing that transcends time and place.

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