I Look to You

I Look to You

I don’t really know, Mom, if you have understood your own strength in life.  You inspire me with your tenacity.  Nothing is more precious to me than the few minutes I can grab to see you and interact with you, face-to-face, on Skype.  Because of technology, I feel as though I’m in the same room as you, Mom and Dad, when in fact, I am thousands of miles away.  After our Skype date this evening, I headed for my bank of photos, tucked into files on the computer and found this one.  It made me smile.   You shared such satisfaction clearing this piece of land!  You inspired me then and continue to inspire me today.

Clearing Land

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.
— Anais Nin

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  1. How / why do our lives separate us from our family and others we love? When my parents were alive in England I came to Canada to live. It’s only since being a parent myself that I understand how my leaving must have torn their hearts because it would tear mine if my sons went away. We had only letters and brief phone calls – you have at least Skype, but what is technology compared to the daily hug, the shared meal, the quiet moments together. Your posts have a way of opening me – thank you…

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