My Family Doctor: Witness to My Life

My daughter was two when we first visited Dr. Dilip Shamanna in Forest Lawn.  She is now thirty-three.  He has blessed my life and the lives of my children for thirty-one years now and I am so grateful for his wonderful medical advice and treatment, but most especially, for his directive and yet, empathetic style of care.  We have been truly blessed as a family.  He has seen us through many crisis and as a result, I have never taken this relationship for granted.  Pictured, he is checking out the health of my new-born son on his birthday in 1990, at the Peter Lougheed Hospital.

My Son and Dr. Shamanna

It’s unfortunate that the world is in such a state that all people can not enjoy their own Family Doctor.  People are so transient these days, aren’t they?  And medical care has certainly changed, with a greater emphasis on specialties for health care providers, when the idea of generalists is so very appealing.  We are, for the most part, more concerned about the health of our loved ones than anything else.  And that’s why it’s a blessing to recieve care as we do.

Those letters have been missing for years!

Recently, they’ve made the decision to convert the old medical clinic, King’s Medical Clinic into a car wash.  I know…this sounds bizarre, doen’t it?  As a result of this, our family doctor has relocated to a nearby office.  It is a newer facility and of course, has many benefits, but it doesn’t take away a bit of sadness at the loss of a particular sort of history.  My children were weighed and measured in that office.  They were comforted, consoled and treated for a whole range of maladies in that building.  It has been an amazing history where we have each grown in courage and learned about our bodies and our health. 

Dr. Shamanna’s care spans the gamut where culture, age and socio-economic variables come into play.  He treats all people with dignity and this sense of respect has permeated the King’s Medical building always.  I’m glad that he will continue to practice in SE Calgary and wish him the very best in his new ‘digs’.  Dr. Shamanna has been witness to my life.

2012 Dr. Dilip Shamanna


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  1. Hello Painter Lady,

    I was also a patient of Dr. Dilip Shamanna’s when my parents were living near Co-op in Radisson Heights. I am writing a WordPress blog as well (it’s definitely a lot of work!) and am wondering if I could possibly use a picture from your site? The picture is at the following address:

    Please let me know if that would be alright.

    Kind Regards,
    Philip Pickard

    • Hello, Philip. First, I appreciate you asking. I guess I’d have to say that it would depend on your intention regarding your post. As you have noticed, my post was positive in nature. I wouldn’t want a photo I took used for negative purposes. Is there anywhere that I can read your work? Thanks. Painter Lady

      • There was no negative purpose… I liked the photo because it reminded me of a time in my youth. I don’t have anything ready for you to read, I am sorry.

      • Alright…I’d just really appreciate it if you gave photo credit to me, Kathleen Moors, and I hope that you will use it for positive. Thanks, Philip.

      • Thank you Kathleen! I will most certainly give you photo credit. It is pretty amazing to find notes about Dr. Shamanna on your site. I can easily see that you have an appreciation for good things! I will be respectful in whatever I write.

        Kind Regards,

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