Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

Highschool Slope

April 13, 2012 5:00 p.m. Weather: Warm…no wind…melting…snowy patches.  The snow melted, so Max and I headed out for Frank’s Flats.  It seems that I’m on maintenance process now…clearing up the daily litter of the folk who use the park.  There’s much to be done right along the edge of the pond, but the work is going to be so tedious.  I need hip waders AND a good rake.  Any one able to donate hip waders?   I picked up over forty plastic straws at the location photographed above.  I continue to be nervous about the red ants on this slope, after suffering from their bites for an entire week during this process.  I think the hip waders might be a requirement here, as well. 

I have received electronic mail from a representative of Home Depot’s CEO in Atlanta, Georgia.  Apparently they are looking into the status of the Shawnessy store and the surrounding land.  Likely they are trying to assign jurisdiction and responsibility on the city…if so, that will be annoying because they will be missing my point about stewardship.  I will be hearing from Patricia on Monday.  Looking forward to that discussion and moving ahead with clearing the site of  such outrageous litter.

It was a Straw Day...hardly filling a third of a bag. What a change in the park!


This evening, at the Palace Theater, here in Calgary, there is a viewing of the new documentary, 40 Days At Base Camp produced by Dianne Whelan.  Apparently, it is very powerful and captures the intensity of the human waste that is left strewn across this sacred terrain and what some very brave individuals have been attempting, in order to clean it up!

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