I am sometimes in awe by the generations of artists who have attempted to capture the mystical through their art form, whether that be through music, image, movement or drama!  What a long and profound history!!    Here, Matt Maher shares his version of Come to the Water and the music is accompanied by historical masterpieces from numerous masters including Bloch, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Rubens and Titian.  These artists and others inspire me to use my desire to paint, for God’s glory.

The image of water is such a powerful one, even in the secular sense.  Water is life-giving.  It is a resource that we commonly think of as  ‘without limits’ and for this, we need to be more educated and become greater stewards.  Presently, our world is in some jeopardy of losing this valuable resource.

Water and Oils

Last night, at the Easter Vigil, we had opportunity to witness eight baptisms and were reminded of our own baptism as well.  Listening to the Litany of the Saints and watching the Easter candle being dunked into the baptismal font, were gestures that prepared us for the wondrous event.  I was overjoyed at the depth of the entire rite.  It was beautiful.

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