Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

April 3, 2012, 3:00 p.m. Weather: 11 degrees and fast-becoming VERY windy.  The mountains were dazzling white on the horizon.  I felt happy inside and really grateful that our visiting-family from London, England, were willing to head to my pond and pick garbage.

YUCK! The secret bush stash of the highschool students!

It turned out to be an adventure in filming…with our star being, 10 year old, Molly.

Detail Shot

While we had troubles with the wind, I hope you will enjoy these environmental stewardship films, as I am thrilled to have been able to collaborate with such a talented star.

Linda, Molly and I found a seagull wing, a bird’s nest and many interesting artifacts of human-kind.  I was able to speak with Molly about identifying male and female birds and we saw two muskrats swimming near the pond’s edge.  It was a wondrous time.

I had the chance to thank Blair before the team was completely packed up.  The parking lot was cleared of rubbish.  The bins were full with bags and bags of litter, garbage and waste…and NOT ALL of it created by Chandos…but unfortunately, left by all of the citizens who forget to care for the place that they enjoy on sunny days and explore on wintry days.

I hope that things will change in this park, now that such stewardship has been demonstrated today!  While the final wee flick includes much noise, it also shares our huge gratitude!  Thank you, Molly.  Thank you, Chandos!

Three Cheers!!!

And thank you, for putting your coffee cups in the bin!  You don’t know what these small gestures mean!

Did you drink your Tims today? Did you bring your own mug? Did you deposity your cup in a bin?

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