Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

April 1, 2012 2:15 p.m. Weather 12 degrees.  It began with sunshine and warmth, but by the time I left ‘the land’, an ominous dark cloud was gathering above the pond.  The water keeps opening up every day.  There were many birds today; gulls, geese and ducks.  The doubling continues and the nesting begins.  Evidence of weekend parties was everywhere!  This brings to mind a couple of pet peeves.  Where better to express them, but on this blog!  I will address my observations to the appropriate audience.

1. DOG OWNERS!  It is insulting that you pick up your dog poop in a wee plastic bag, knot it and then leave it behind.  It isn’t so bad to carry it with you on your walk and then, deposit it in the bin that is right next to the parking lot.  I know this seems patronizing to some degree…but, like I stated, it’s a pet peeve. (excuse the pun)  I think your hearts are in the right place…and that you are ALMOST there in your right choices for the park environment, but please, use the bins.

2. Tim Hortons DRINKERS: PLEASE!  Carry your cup to the bin as well! Today, a polite drinker who had not yet finished drinking their DD coffee, neatly stood their half-filled cup along side the edge of the path.  What is with that?  Who do you assume will pick that cup up for you?  And why? Are you afraid that it should spill?  So tidy…and yet, so irresponsible!  My readers will not know just how often this happens!   This is yet another appeal that we should be stewards of this great land of ours!

I could see the Millers beer bottles sitting on the top of the pond ice. I will grab those on my next visit.

As I was picking this afternoon, I noticed a team of three people walking the perimeter of the land that edges on the South Fish Creek Recreational Association.  When I dumped my rubbage in the bin and got Max into the van, I walked over to them, suspecting that they might be Chandos Construction employees.  As I approached, I saw one of the young men attempting to shove waste down into the industrial sized bin on location.  And sure enough, as I got closer yet, I saw three young men in Chandos hoodies and proceeded to introduce myself by name and then, “Hi there. I’m the bag lady.”  Smiles moved across their faces and one young man came toward me, hand extended.  “Hi.  I’m Blair and we’re with Chandos.  We’re surveying the grounds and coming up with a plan for removing the remaining waste.”  All three were gentlemen and easily represented the same sense of responsibility that Tim had demonstrated just yesterday.  We spoke briefly about a couple of the possibilities they were exploring and I felt so affirmed in the purpose behind my initial inquiries.  I am REALLY beginning to like this Company!

Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own. Carol Burnett

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