Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 31, 2012 4:00 p.m. Weather 12 degrees, thick dark cloud gathering and threatening rain.

It’s midnight and I decided to upload a quick clip.  First thing this morning, I wrote a letter to Tim Coldwell of  Chandos Construction.  I intended on visiting Chandos on site at the South Fish Creek Recreational Association, but thought I should scope out the website first of all.  It was at this viewing that I decided to contact Tim, Vice President of Corporate Accounts in Calgary, directly.  It was less than minutes from the time that I wrote down my concerns, that I received a very thoughtful response by telephone and we have agreed to meet regarding the matter of the less-than-successful clean-up after this recent project.  He is adamant that this situation be used as an educational tool and we will be discussing the matter very soon.  I was very disheartened yesterday, but am feeling optimistic today.  Thank you, Tim.

What remains at the site anymore is ‘small stuff’ and I am not able to fill an entire bag in an hour. It is a very time-intensive experience now…countless plastic straws, bottle caps and packages, along with new plastic bags and fast food containers that that day’s lunchers toss onto the ground.

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