Morning Coffee With Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier’s 5 principles:

 1)All humans are sacred
2) Our world and our human lives are evolving
3) Maturity comes through working with others
4) Humans need to be encouraged to make choices and to become responsible for their own lives as well as the lives of others
5) We need to reflect and to seek truth and meaning

A friend recommended that I subscribe to the wonderful Jean Vanier’s quote of the day.  I’ve been saving them all in my archives because they have been so wonderful, thinking that I might do something with them one day, here in the Chapel.  Today’s quote was so appropriate, that I have to post it here.  It’s a fresh way of viewing old behaviours.  See what you think.  I know that when one thinks about the aesthetic of their surroundings, there is an inward peace.  It’s easier to pull out a book and read, put on a piece of music and dance or simply enjoy a cup of coffee while checking electronic messages.

Tuesday 27 March 2012
Material Things

One of the signs that a community is alive can be found in material things. Cleanliness, furnishings, the way flowers are arranged and meals prepared, are among the things which reflect the quality of people’s hearts. Some people may find material chores irksome; they would prefer to use their time to talk and be with others. They haven’t yet realized that the thousand and one small things that have to be done each day, the cycle of dirtying and cleaning, were given by God to enable us to communicate through matter. Cooking and washing floors can become a way of showing our love for others. It is celebration to be able to give.

Jean Vanier, Community and Growth, p. 297


2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee With Jean Vanier

  1. Kath- I taught at Vanier School for the Catholic Board in Edson… So thankful for your energy and laughter you brought these past few weeks.. Kids are lucky to have your drama expertise!! Xo

    • When I look at photographs of you with your children, your own children, other people’s children…and I see your eyes all lit up and your smile…and your heart on your sleeve, I know how they are blessed…by your joy of music, your listening and your care. I have been so warmed by the energy in your space! Thanks, Janet, for having the vision to think of this possibility! I am so grateful.

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