Changing the Landscape: One Bag At a Time

March 27, 2012 3:39 p.m. Weather: 5 degrees  The sun came out after a day of intermittent snow.  It felt warm outside…a real sense of springtime at Frank’s Flats.  In fact, there was Frank…soaking in the good feelings also, surrounded by a stand of evergreen trees.  He told me he’s likely heading for the coast, in search of work. He also got into telling me stories.  One was about a time when he watched a pick-up truck pull over onto the shoulder of 22X, throwing up a terrific amount of dust.  A guy rushed out of the truck and spent, what seemed to be, hours, scouring the ditches and the slope on the far side of the pond.  The next day, the same guy appeared again with an entire contingent of his friends and again, gave the once-over to the area.  Frank surmised that something very valuable must have been lost out of the back of that pick-up truck, so the day after that, he road his bike over there and spent a good bit of time looking for himself.  He said that he believed there was some sort of treasure over there, yet to be found.  I smiled…and just kept on picking.  I told him, before leaving, that I had named the place Frank’s Flats.  And he said, “Well, I appreciate that.”  I told him that not many people have a beautiful park named after them…just kings and princes.  He smiled…and we said our good-byes.

What God Leaves Behind: March 27, 2011 Frank’s Flats

The litter today included many granola bar packages and many plastic bottle tops and straws.  I topped off the bag of countless little bits of plastic and packaging with a part of a large cardboard box I found on the east side.  I’m thinking that health food bars and granola bar packaging should really reflect a more sustainable approach.

What people leave behind.

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