The Nuisance Grounds

If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend one of my favourite novels, The Diviners by Margaret Laurence.  As I pick up other people’s garbage during this Changing-the-Landscape-project, I easily remember/reflect upon Laurence’s chapter, The Nuisance Grounds.  A poignant chapter…we meet ‘the scavenger’ and we learn about the stories/myths created by Christie Logan when he comes upon the cast away remnants from another person’s life.  Some of what is tossed into the nuisance grounds is precious…and never does Christie divulge the secrets.  He keeps them in his heart. I suppose with the threat of identity theft these days, people are more cautious of what they discard, but the truth is, there remain more stories about the community and their carelessness, than the stories of individuals.  I am sharing with my readers, four pages from Margaret Laurence’s Diviners, Pages 30 to 33, The Canadian Publishers, McClelland and Stewart Limited 1974 Current isbn  978-0-7710-3490-9 (0-7710-3490-3)  It is a very powerful thing to read the complete chapter, but these bits give the gist of what I am thinking about as it relates to my current project.

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