Changing the Landscape: One Clear Bag At a Time

March 25, 2012 12:00 p.m. Weather: -3 degrees/fog and snow, both.  I decided to hit the east slope of the park that edges on the mall and retail businesses.  It’s interesting how the findings change…many flyers, receipts and different sorts of snack packaging, mostly McDonalds.  I also found all sorts of foam products: appliance packing liners, foam packing peanuts and that sort of thing.

Flyers! A Problem With Advertisement!

This past week, Rick Harrow of the City of Calgary, delivered a box of 250 clear bags to my door, as well as a litter picker.  This was a genuine way to show appreciation and I am glad for what seems to be, an endless supply!  I felt more optimistic, (or rather, realistic) today.

More Plastic!

The Gospel reading for this Sunday was the story of Lazarus and in some way, I felt as though I was resurrecting a wee piece of land as I pulled the discards out of the tall grass and from under the trees.

The gulls have returned to the pond.  I noticed them yesterday as well.  This is a sign that spring is near.

The scariest moment is always just before you start. Stephen King

The Bag is Filled: Time to Put My Feet Up and Gaze Upon the Difference

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