Where are you, Ruby J. Campbell?

Ruby J. Campbell 1919

I received this message, this morning in my e mail, having left an obscure message some time ago in Ancestry.ca.  I had made a brief search for Ruby Campbell’s family, coming out of the Prince Edward Island region.  I am so glad that Brian cares to have this returned!

I’m John Campbell’s grandson and Ruby was his sister. I would love to see her bible and the inscriptions. Let me know how I would be able to get it.
Brian Norton

1898 National Bible Society of Glasgow

Well, those of you who read and follow my art and my interests in research, know this.  I harvest the Holy Bibles that are discarded by the world…in second-hand shops, garage sales and yard sales.  I then incorporate some of them into my Covenant paintings.  But, if I find a Bible with inscriptions within, I then try to locate the family.  The idea of one of our family, years ago, sitting and praying with scripture, is an image that I keep close to me.  I know that it is important to pass these artifacts on to family members who will treasure them and that, without thinking, somehow these have found themselves, cast away.  Now it’s time to return Ruby Campbell’s Bible!

November 25, 1934, Sunday

Unfortunately, with further research, Brian’s Ruby was not Ruby J. Campbell, but Ruby M. Campbell, so I continue to protect and cherish this New Testament and look forward to any living relation to contact me.  In the end, I’ve tracked down one Ruby J. Campbell who lived in Ontario and it seems that her mother Elizabeth or Bessie, was widowed and their family lived with Bessie’s brother.  Still tracking down clues on this one.

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