Changing the Landscape: A Bag At a Time

March 8: 2012 11:00 a.m. Weather: Sunny and 11 degrees.   The snow is quickly melting, exposing new litter.  Max had a fun time today charging through the ponds.  Ian took our archival photograph today.  Ian and a fellow-worker were building the trophy cabinets in the new sports center extension.  The other fellow asked if I would go over to Sundance when I was finished here…told me it was a big mess in their community.  I told them that this was the land that I had staked out and that that was it.  He asked me what my name was and I refused it…saying he wanted to nominate me for a stewardship award.  I smiled and declined the idea.  I told him that it’s no big deal to pick up One Bag At a Time.  He thanked me.  This made my day!  This was my second thank-you on this journey!

Ian’s Photo

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