I graduated from highschool in Great Falls, Montana.  I had enjoyed the experience of power-house educators…among them, Kathy Rice and Dwight Winenger.

A Most Wonderful English Teacher

Rice Family Scholarship Endowment

Kathy Rice created this endowment in 2003 to provide funds for the Foundation’s Healthcare Scholarship Program. Kathy is a founding and current member of the Benefis Health System Foundation Board of Directors and gives generously of her time and monetary resources in support of the Foundation. She is a former teacher and business owner and is dedicated to helping students who are pursuing careers as healthcare providers.

Dwight Winenger Photo credit: Willie Black

Dwight Winenger is currently the Founder of The Living Music Foundation and Webmaster of the Living Music Web Site. He is a composer and theorist, a painter, sculptor, and commercial artist. Dwight plays trombone and piano and has been known to play french horn, clarinet, percussion, and recorder. He is a writer, mostly in english, and an editor, speaking some spanish and some danish. Winenger taught music, art, english, and spanish for several years. It is an awesome thing to go and dig around in my portfolio to find a calendar that Mr. Winenger had silkscreened in 1973.  It is also cool to see this piece’s relevance to his body of work, once viewing the gallery piece produced in 1972. (Hmmm…I note that this photo includes a copyright, so will have to wait for the appropriate permission)

Silkscreened Calendar by Dwight Winenger 1973

Even though I lived in the west, there was evidence of racial segregation in the school’s cafeteria.  Hard to believe!  Given that I was Canadian, I crossed those boundaries regularly, something that caused some heads to turn.  I left Great Falls with a notion that the world was a larger place than previously thought and perhaps that was due to my age, more than anything.  These were the booming years, though, for the United States and programs were well-funded, across the spectrum.  My mind was opened up to politics and religious discourse.  I was excited by the arts: drama, music and visual arts.  I was struck by the need to always carry ‘a cause’ in my heart.  Even in 1973, citizens were wearing MIA bracelets after the horrendous years of the Vietnam war.

I moved to Canada in 1973, but stayed west (Lethbridge, Alberta) when my family moved east (North Bay, Ontario).  Given my place on the edge of the Oldman River and meeting people like Larry Weaver, Charlie Crane and Pauline McGeorge, my life continued to open up to new discoveries, ideas and purpose.  I think that 1973 was a year of tremendous significance for me, by the choices I made as a young adult and for the huge influences on my life.  I continue to be grateful to the fine teachers who generated a desire in me, to make every day count.

University Residence…my space above the river. 1973

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