In the Eye of a Tornado

Seven minutes ago, this story was posted.  My prayers, this morning, are for all of those people of the midwest and southern states who are enduring such utter devastation as a result of the pounding tornadoes racing through and on top of their communities.  One can only imagine what pain and suffering is being experienced…the loss of life, property and security.  What complete helplessness as people watch nature, itself, attack their families and wellbeing!

Sometimes our own spiritual journeys are like this.  We feel so secure, but then our lives are rattled by an event that we have no control over.  I am writing in plural pronouns here, because I can only assume that sometimes my readers feel as I do…the human spirit is just this way.  I have watched mothers lose their sons.  And, as I make this Lenten journey toward Holy Week, I can not help but think about Mary, standing helpless, at the loss of her own son.  She was in the eye of a tornado…and so often, we find ourselves there also.

Hmmm…the quotes I include at the end of each post are those contributed by wordpress…this one is an interesting one to happen upon my blog today.  Breath…breathing…something on my mind today.  Coincidence?

Sometimes when I think how good my book can be, I can hardly breathe. Truman Capote

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