Where are you, Ronnie Burkett? Connecting with a photograph!

I am continuing to explore Edward Burtynsky’s present-day exhibit, Encounters, featured at the Glenbow Art Gallery, one photgraph at a time.  A tremendous puppeteer and artist in his own right, Ronnie Burkett selected Burtynsky’s photograph, Temagami #18, Abandoned Iron Ore Mines, Sherman Mines, Ontario1991. 

Temagami #18, Abandoned Irone Ore Mines, Sherman Mines, Ontario 1991 Edward Burtynsky

This photograph is a part of Glenbow’s permanent collection.  Again, I am no stranger to Temagami and that part of the world, so this image feels personal.  The very small image that I am able to include here does not give justice to the overall message in Burkett’s narrative.  His message feels very optimistic and views the setting of Burtynsky’s image as just that, a set…he envisions the space as a theatrical environment…a stage backdrop and delivers an amazing description of the space.


The East Pit of Sherman Mine in Temagami, Ontario from the air. M. Nelson via Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Where are you, Ronnie Burkett? Connecting with a photograph!

  1. Kath:

    Last year Cecil and I had the opportunity to display 4 of our photographs in a joint exhibition with Burtynsky at the Esplanade Art Gallery in Medicine Hat. The photographs were on loan from the Glenbow, and the artist was not able to attend the opening, but it was still a real honor and a thrill.


    • Wowsers! What a total honor! The guy’s work blows me away and was one of the reasons I have taken such an interest in considering the power of images in response to choices we make as a society! I continue to have you both in my heart! Thanks for leaving a comment!

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