The Follow-up to ‘Losing Chris Reimer’

So, I went into my day consciously believing I should be light.  Today marked the beginning of a brief contract with the school district, teaching elementary drama.  It was so fun and joy-inducing!  The best part for me was when 2nd-grade Nash got to be the Performer of the Day.  He volunteered for this role…and I asked him if he wished to have a partner or a group.  He responded confidently,  “No, thank you.  I’d like to perform myself.”

“Oh?  Ok.” (For the entire day students had wished to perform with others.)”What talent would you like to showcase today, Nash?”

“I’d like to dance.”  He moved to center stage.  He said, “Usually our teacher would put on some cool music for us dancers.”

“Hmmm”…I thought to myself, “I have a couple of religious cds here (I really didn’t come prepared)…do you think that you might dance to Michael Mangan’s Hearts on Fire.  It’s a piece of Christian Music.”

“What’s Christian Music?”

“I’ll put it on, Nash…and you can decide.”

Well, what was to follow, was absolute magic!  After viewing the memorial slide show last evening for Christopher John Joseph Reimer, I could only imagine the delight that he felt as a young boy, dancing his heart out.  And there, before me…was another young boy, just giving ‘er…the arms outstretched, the interpretation through every gesture he made, of the music!  I don’t think I stopped praying while I watched him.  Our children are such treasures!

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