Experiencing My Landscape: One Bag at a Time

March 1, 2012 4:30-5:30 p.m. Weather -3 degrees, completely white sky, although for a short while the sun was visible, soft and white behind thick cloud, eventually, it had no chance.  It disappeared.  The coolest thing was the silhouette of a grey blue aircraft flying past its brightness.  We met no one on our walk today.  In the end, I collected from one section of the hill, placed the bag in the bin and then went exploring, empty-handed.

Findings: MUCH insulation, plastic, two Tim Horton's cups with lids, plastic sandwich bags, 2 cardboard boxes


Nothing Much Has Changed at the Bin

Max Waits Patiently as I Pick Garbage

Something is Wrong With This Picture!


Something is Wrong With This Picture!


...and this one.


...and this.


It is Your Landscape



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