Where are you, Kearston Constable, Adam Hunt and Chad Gilmet?

When these students were in grade seven, I had them write a letter to themselves, words inspired by three guiding questions.  All of my grade seven students did!   They self-addressed the envelopes and every year, when the students reached grade nine, I would add the postage and send them off in the mail.

Only once did I have to hand-deliver the letter to a student’s parents because they had lost their precious son during his grade eight year.  Jarrett Alley, all of these years later, continues to be loved and missed.  I was only so grateful that Jarrett left his words behind for his parents, words of faith and hope.

Because they are so precious, I didn’t ever want to lose the letters, if it turned out that the students had moved from the community or some such event.  So, this brings me to Kearston, Adam and Chad.  I’ve held onto these letters for years now.  I would truly love to know where these three young adults are by now.  I’m posting this, in the hopes that they will surface or that someone will know where they are.

Kearston Constable, Chad Gilmet, Adam Hunt

Finding Adam…in 2015.

I received this message.  Adam, as I recall, was a sweet and happy, round-faced boy who delighted in sports and was very kind-mannered.  For a young boy, he had such an ability to share empathy.  I was able to send Adam’s letter to him after he connected with these words…

Hi Ms. Moors-used-to-be-Hanrahan, it has been a long time. If I’m correct, I believe it’s been roughly 19 years! Wow, that really is a long time when one has to write it down.

I would love to read that letter; life has definitely been far more exciting then I remember wanting it to be.

And what good timing as my wife and I just moved back to Calgary in April of this year. I haven’t lived here since I moved away in grade 7 and have barely lived in Canada.

 I still have that beautiful letter you wrote me when I moved and it’s traveled with me all over the world. The letter was a great source of confidence and help when things were a bit tough. Thank you for that and for being a part of the strong cast of individuals that believed in me. I hope to have made everyone proud and plan on doing so, moving forward. Adam Hunt

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    • Finally, Chad, your letter is in the mail. I don’t know if I ever found this comment. It’s been five years since you wrote this note here. I was trying to think of what year I taught you grade seven. I went through this ritual every year and yours is the last letter. :0(

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