Where are you, Linh Ly? Spending time with a photograph…

I first saw Linh Ly’s work while viewing an art talk at the Triangle Art Gallery/Museum of Contemporary Art MOCA.  On exhibit, was the most intriguing piece, a huge tapestry constructed from what seemed to be a zillion photographs.

Reoccurances: Photo Tapestry by Linh Ly 2005

I was absolutely captivated by her talk and felt that it made references that I had formerly used in some experimental pieces in the studio, where I had reconstructed blocks cut from my oil paintings, into traditional quilting patterns on panels.  It was a wonderful thing to see that she was one of the guest curators for the Glenbow exhibit of Edward Burtynsky’s work, Encounters.

The piece that she selected for the Glenbow exhibit was Uranium Tailings #12 Elliot Lake, Ontario.  I chose to feature this piece because I was curious about which of Burtynsky’s pieces would captivate another photographer, someone who has also explored the notion of environment, but from a different point of view.  Linh Ly has published a book titled, The Spaces Between Us.

Be obscure clearly. E.B. White

Uranium Tailings #12, Elliot Lake, Ontario, 1995 Photographer: Edward Burtynsky

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