Where are you, Fred Stenson? Connecting with a photograph!

Homestead #39, Alberta Foothills, Highway 3, Fort Macleod, Alberta by Edward Burtynsky

Fred Stenson, author of The Trade, Lightning and The Great Karoo, chose an Edward Burtynsky photograph that feels the most nostalgic for me.  Given my love for south western Alberta and my forever-connection with the Oldman River, it only makes sense that this one, for me, is the charmer!  In fact, I got to weeping as I read Stenson’s narrative that was posted on the wall, next to the photograph, Homestead#39, Alberta Foothills Highway 3, Fort Macleod, Alberta.  He wrote at some length about Charcoal, a Blood Indian.  I remember reading Charcoal’s World by Hugh Dempsey during the university-years.  My tears, then, were tears of frustration at the sadness.  While this Burtynsky photograph is not so literal in its portrayal of a consumed land…I feel the same way as I look at it.  It remains a photograph of consumption if you think about it the way that Stenson has framed it.

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