Where are you, Danny Michel? Connecting With a Photograph!

Oxford Tire Pile #2. Westley, California (1999). Photograph by Edward Burtynsky.

Of Edward Burtynsky’s photographs curated for the recent exhibit, Encounters, Danny Michel chose  Oxford Tire Pile #2 Westly, California.   It was a very frustrating thing, that the Glenbow did not provide, for purchase, a catologue of these works, along with the adjoining narrative.  The words shared by each guest curator were so fitting and in most cases, moving.  I had to plod along writing notes, as I always do, and spent a generous amount of time visiting with each photograph.  I’ve written about Burtynsky’s work before.  I went through a phase of needing to watch Manufactured Landscapes once a week…for a very long time…I never cease to be amazed by the beauty that this photographer captures in such ‘difficult’ subject matter! 

And what of Danny Michel?  One thing that he got me thinking about was, “Yeah….what would the Sumerians think about this photograph?  Inventors of the wheel…would they have ever imagined tires in such abundance, discarded in huge heaps?  Overwhelming imagery!


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