Where were you headin’, Gus?

I came upon this small photograph while pitching papers this afternoon.  Gus was our family dog during the late 60s.  The vehicle…our family Rambler Station Wagon.  Dad was heading down a highway (not one of our long distance trips or Mom would have been sitting where Gus is navigating) and one of the kids in the back seat captured the moment on a camera.  There are very few family photographs coming from those years…it is nothing like today’s world of instagrams and i phones…images were surprises, if in fact, the film EVER got developed!  In those days, film needed to be mailed away for processing and so there was a long wait between the snap of the camera and the actual delight of sharing the twenty-four photographs that were returned by mail. 
We’ve always cherished our family pets and Gus was no exception.   Truly entertaining is the way the car upholstery has been taped together… a reflection of our resourcefulness and of the fact that we made do, in the day.  Many memories flood back and fill me up when I come upon such treasures. 

Rambler Station Wagon-Days

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  1. I can still remember the warm softness of Gus’ fur if he was lying in a sunbeam with us in the back of the station wagon, when we lay back there reading Archie comics. He was truly a one-of-a-kind dog!

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