Meeting Karsten Heuer

Teacher’s Convention this year was inspiring.  For one thing, I was privileged to meet Karsten Heuer who exemplifies, for me, someone who truly LIVES a connection with nature, along with his wife, Leanne Allison and his son, Zev.  Through a vast landscape that straddles the northern Yukon and Alaska, Karsten and Leanne joined a migratory herd of 123,000 caribou on a five month journey.  I purchased the film Being Caribou for our school some years ago and shared it with many students over the years.  I sat in the dimly lit theater, viewing powerful images and listening to Karsten’s story of landscape and found myself in tears more than once. Once concluded, I brought my own copy of the book, Being Caribou, forward for Karsten’s signing.


I left one of my postcards for him to share with his son, Zev.

Although the time we shared was fleeting, I felt a deep connection for Karsten’s work and for his passion.  It was a very special moment.

Park's Canada Post Card: Initiative for the sake of the Woodland Caribou

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