Being a ‘Bleeding Heart’

This is such a derogatory label given to people like me.  If a person, today, thinks about ‘matters of the heart’, they are stuck with this label.  It’s interesting to read history and to see what ‘bleeding hearts’ have accomplished on behalf of the underdogs of society.  Martin Luther King…Rosa Parks…Mahatma Gandi…Nellie McClung.  Bleeding hearts do not always represent the acceptable norm.  I guess Jesus was among the first of the world’s bleeding hearts, literally.  Given this truth, I can’t feel too badly for representing some of the ideas of the minority of the contemporary world.  I have far less to lose.

I thought that this might be an appropriate post for the eve of the commercial holiday, Valentine’s Day.  Tomorrow at lunch, some bleeding hearts are meeting at the McDougall Center.  The Alberta Wilderness Association would have you think about the beautiful corridor of the Castle/Kananaskis Country!  If you have hiked those regions, you likely have some concerns about the proposed clearcutting.

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