Thank You for Your Class: Bunny Stencils


I enjoyed sharing with these grade six students that I’ve been really thinking about rabbits recently.  It’s surprising how many people, this age, are up on the news and had heard at the time, about the potential rabbit cull in Canmore, Alberta.  This was a full morning art activity, split into two parts, with recess in the middle.  First, I read them a motivating story, as well as brought in a whole heap of bunny books from the library.  This story works well.

Little Bunny on the Move by Peter McCarty

Next, using the references, the students created stencils of their own on manilla tag paper, making certain that they kept crisp cutting edges.  Each student created three stencils, with sharing in mind so that each composition would capture many bunny gestures.  Here is a great example of what can happen with stencils.   And, here is an example of the resulting composition on green.

Bunnies Go Wild!




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