Thank You for Your Class: The Old Brass Wagon

I had opportunity to spend time with an awesome grade six class this week and was most excited about the study of the Old Brass Wagon by Ellen Vesterdal in the music room. When I was a wee child in grade school, I remember being afraid to blow through the recorder to make any sound….so, for the time that I was in the music room, I chose a spot on a back riser and just did the fingering for the notes.  I suppose, in the day, this particular teacher didn’t have the insight to listen to each student as they progressed through their music program and I don’t recall ever playing for her.  This is why, once in university, I spared no expense and purchased myself a wooden soprano and an alto recorder.  These became instruments for improvisation out in the Lethbridge coulees.  It was nice to reconnect with the memory this week.

Pick Up Your Recorders, Please!


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