I went to the mailbox after a day of guest-teaching in a junior high social studies classroom and found Hollee’s card.  She wrote to me about finding a card that I had sent to her.  It was waiting in her mailbox, among a stack of bills… “personal mail amongst the bills is a gift”,  she wrote.  And today, I feel the same.  I am looking down, this very moment, at Tom Thomson’s Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay (1914-1915) and I am happy for this correspondence!  As I sat down to write about writing…I picked a few of my favourite cards/notes off of my book shelf to include them in this photograph.   I will treasure these always…and there are many others tucked away for safe keeping.  After a time, some folk toss out their correspondence…as you might guess, I don’t do this easily.  I enjoy, as much, the sentiment or the intention of the note, as the medium for that message.  I am grateful for all correspondence.

Letters from Temuco, Chile

I frame correspondence, display it and finally, I file it in my Significant Others archives.  The letters and cards from my friends and family over so many years, is a narrative about our life journeys…the story of faith, support and friendship.  I do not take your choice to send me a note, lightly.  I honour that choice, always!

A Homemade Card to Celebrate the Birth of My First Born, 31 Years Ago

Lasting Friendship

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