Thank you, Harry Somers and Barbara Chilcott!

Harry Somers: Composer 1925-1999

Joseph Campbell: The Mythic Image

Yesterday I wrote of the serendipitous moment…the connection with and collection of a stack of books, books of the sort that God seemed to pass to me for safe keeping.  Well, the story doesn’t end there because through correspondence with the generous person who was the keeper of the collection, I learned that they were the treasures of the composer, Harry Somers and the thespian, Barbara Chilcott.  I have since read about their accomplishments in the fine arts, both nationally and internationally and have sat here at the computer, listening to many compositions performed that were written by Harry Somers.  I feel as though I have been introduced to two human beings who have given a lifetime to expressing the human spirit through their work.  The ‘stuff of life’ is so very remarkable!  Thank you, Harry Somers and Barbara Chilcott and thank you, Joy!

Barbara Chilcott: 1962

Larousse Enclopedia of Mythology

Feller From Fortune composed by Harry Somers.

Barbara Chilcott played the part of Mrs. Tannenbaum in Lies My Father Told Me.

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