Life: A Stream of Unremarkable Moments

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I headed down to West Hillhurst this afternoon to pick up a box of freecycled books.  There was the box, sitting on the side porch.  Once I heaved the box into the passenger side of the van, I began to HOOT out loud, so excited by the subject of the books (I had wanted the books simply to collect the Botonical Flowers book that was promised in the lot) that very serendipitously matched my interests and passions in life.  I’m very grateful about these new additions to my library and find it interesting every time these experiences come my way.

Also interesting is that on my way home, CBC radio hosted an excellent interview with David Wineberg.  He was, among other things, reflecting on the act of collecting because he had no real notion about why he had begun to collect random tape.  His friend, Mark, died (drowned in the Mississippi River) leaving David with random tape that spanned a significant period of time and David was left wondering about ‘unremarkable’ moments.  His dear friend’s voice remained with him in the form of random tapes, but for the most part, the content/the brief laughs and conversations might be classed as UNREMARKABLE.

Arriving home, I was thinking…we are living an entire stream of unremarkable moments! BUT…there is such power and magic in each and every one!  As I connect with writers of blogs that I most admire, I think that this medium provides a way for writers to publish random tapes.  Unremarkable moments gain significance by being captured.  Snippets or slices of life expressed here, become raw and authentic.  Awesome!

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  1. Lovely sentiments. We need to pay more attention to the so-called unremarkable because it makes up so much of our lives.

    It looks like you got quite a few intriguing books. Nice.

    Thank you for the link.

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