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One of the very practical things that I’m doing right now is converting my 1990s slides to digital.  Not everyone is as concerned with archiving as I am.  In fact, I think that some people would think that I’m a bit on the obsessive end of the spectrum when it comes to behaviours.  I deny this, given that things are not entirely in order around here. 

I first became interested in archiving some years ago and it had to do with records related to the commercial art galleries.  In order to be considered for a juried exhibit, it was necessary to submit correctly-labeled slides.  It was a part of the professional portfolio, to keep some sort of accounting of the works accomplished and the works sold.  As I convert these slides, I am only too aware of the poor quality of the images, as compared to 2012’s digital potential.  I am going forward with gusto, however, given that these are simply the only records I have of the body of my life’s work.

Studying my family history and researching for documents that support and verify my family members as far back as ten generations is something of great interest to me.  This also leaves me determined to pass on to my children an inheritance of history and connection.  Needless to say, the art is part of that story.  So…I continue.

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