It seems that I am looking for the OTHER P. Mason!

In reference to Where are you, P. Mason? I have this to say about that.

I received a lovely e mail from Peter Mason, the researcher/writer/expert on tourist codes of conduct in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions.  In fact, he did NOT snap the photograph that I own and is signed and dated, P. Mason, 1989.   THIS P. Mason was generous to even correspond with a Canadian artist-chick about this photograph and I am very appreciative.  So, the bear-photographer hunt continues!  If you recognize these two wrestling bears and your name is P. Mason, I would really enjoy hearing from you!  Thank you, Peter, and you have my best wishes as we adventure into 2012!  I have much respect for your life’s work!

Here they are AGAIN, readers!

Hi Katleen,
Thanks very much for your message and I have now looked at your very interesting blog and also can now see the polar bear photos.  However I am going to disappoint you by letting you know that I did not take the photos.   Strangely enough I was in Canada at the time of the photos, but did not really start researching Arctic tourism issues until the 1990s.    This does mean, however, that I am the author of the articles that you have referred to. 

So, apologies for not being in a position to give your permission to use the photos, as they are not mine!

Best wishes,


Hello Peter!
I paint endangered species…came upon this photograph in a second hand shop…I treasure it regardless, but, will treasure it more if I find that it was taken by the gent who wrote about and studied tourism in the developing north. :0)  Thank you for communicating through your other e mail.  I need your permission to use this as a reference for a painting I want to do and Peter, if you have any other references that I might paint from, I would be so appreciative.  Kathleen

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