Where are you, P. Mason?

A few days ago, I was looking for P. Jules…today, I’m looking for P. Mason.  My cousin is doing these remarkable collage pieces recently and framing them with finds from the same second-hand shops that I peruse so frequently.  She knows that I am investigating wildlife and so when one of her frames contained what looked like a poor quality image of two polar bears, she agreed to give it to me.  It turns out that it is a hand-signed photograph by P. Mason on very good quality photo paper, dated 1989.  So, of course, given the clues, I began to look for P. Mason.  I love this photograph and will use it as a reference for a painting…but won’t use it for collage-purposes, my earlier intention.

When I begin research like this, I have the name and the time frame and easily here, I have a location.  The person I believe was behind this camera was a gentleman who wrote codes of conduct for tourism to the extreme northern and southern communities.  His work is sited throughout A Review of Tourism Research in the Polar Regions by E.J. Stewart, D. Draper and M.E. Johnston…a publication written in 2005.  It is an amazing and revealing piece of work! And here lies the possible connection; this document was published by the Department of Geography at the University of Calgary.  So, somehow this photograph of two polar bears may have left the hands of someone connected to this study…my guess.  I’m unable to find P. Mason today.  Where are you, P. Mason?

Just some of what P. Mason published…and there is so much more!  This was P. Mason’s BLISS!  And, evidently, research is mine!  Just this morning, I wrote an e mail to see if this is Peter Mason, the photographer.

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