Where are you, P. Jules?

I’m guessing Pierre Jules? Hmmmm

Another second-hand-find has got me doing a bit of research.  The winds are raging outside although the sky is brilliant blue.  I managed to reel in and wind up the Christmas lights and extension cords and now I sit for a short period of respite, hoping that someone will recognize this quality of wood carving and be able to give me a regional context.  This is what I’m thinking.  Haitian/Cuban/West Indian/Cajun American…I do know that there is a town, Saint-Jules, in Haiti.  I think that it’s a typical thing for family names to find their derivation from their place in the world, so I’m leaning toward Haiti as the place of origin for this $9.99 sculpture.  I think she is so beautiful and I’m going to pick up some bee’s wax to rub into this warm, nicely sculpted wood.  I think that the figurative work that is created by so many artists of this region is exceptional in its proportion and in its gestural presence! 

One piece, except for the dowelled chicken swinging in my lady's left hand.

Face Detail

I have looked at a number of regional sculptures now and have found the pendant to be a detail on most female figures. 

Back View

I really liked this print when I saw it.  It’s titled A Woman Carrying a Tray of Fruit on Her Head and the artist is Carlos Julias.

Carlos Julias: A Woman Carrying a Tray of Fruit on Her Head

This piece was sculpted by Ludovic Booz, the first Haitian sculptor to use Beeswax to treat wood and is said to sculpt with a brush.

Man Carrying a Sack on His Head

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