The Aftermath

Lined Up

It seems like preparing for Christmas Day might be likened to putting order to ‘things’…finding places in the freezer for extra foods, replenishing the liquor cabinet (if you have one) and making spaces lit up and beautiful.  There is an aesthetic to most of everything that we do in that lead up.


And then what happens?  What of the aftermath?  I want to congratulate those who are presently able to put their feet up this Boxing Day and relax.  Have a breather!  Reflect!  Sit yourself down in the very midst of the chaos, warm and cozy in those new jammies and those fuzzy slippers!  Watch that movie you’ve been wanting to watch (Midnight in Paris) and sip on a coffee or a glass of wine.  This is your time!  Magic!

The kitchen counter tells a bit of the story.

I'm certain I can find a spot somewhere here, to put up my feet.

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