Sketch: Domestic Rabbit Offspring

I’ve been reading about Fibonacci for the past two weeks.  That doesn’t mean that his science/math/reasoning makes any more sense than it did to me earlier…but I’m going to visit the humane society this week and they have some people who are going to speak to me about the genetics in perhaps, lay-person terms.

Read about the Fibonacci sequence, here.

Portrait of Fibonacci

You can get the history of Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci on Wikipedia.

I’m trying to scientifically understand what happened in Canmore, Alberta, and I’m creating a family group in a huge series of rabbits, linked to one single couple of domesticated rabbits that were set loose in the wild.  In order to link the colour and the parentage, I need to know what are the possibilities.  I assert, to begin, that whoever the individuals are who made the decision to act irresponsibly, this has caused a huge hassle for Canmore residents;  it has attracted natural predators to the town, animals such as coyotes and cougars, and it has cost likely millions in court and mediation hours and dollars.  Now, the cull?  Think about it…think about all of the issues linked to the irresponsible choice of one person.  Wowsers!  I’d like to have your thoughts OR knowledge on such issues and would especially like to hear from artists, environmentalists and scientists.

As I paint this body of work, I will, as I’ve done with all of my animal species investigations, link the process with initial thoughts around Covenant and the Genesis story.

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