Finding Hollee!

It is a spectacular thing for a child growing up in a military family to reconnect with a dear friend, someone who was a part of their history, memory and heart-story!  Earlier this month, I wrote about Susie Deal who shared time with me in a high school art room.  And now, I’ve found Hollee!  I am rejoicing with this connection as our friendship was one immersed in joy! We used to sing songs outdoors and capture snowflakes on our tongues.  We shared our love of God from a very early time.  I was blessed by Hollee’s friendship.

Different times, along the path of my life, I have been connected to Jean Vanier’s teachings and the l’Arche community.   In University, while exploring the possibility of making a profession of faith in the Catholic church, I met friends who had given time, in service of l’Arche in France.  Early on, I was inspired by the books that Jean Vanier wrote and continue to have one of those on my book shelf today, Vanier’s eruption to hope.

At two separate times in my early inquiry and walk in the Roman Catholic faith life, Father Clair Watrin gave me the gift of a tile mosaic dove made by residents of the l’Arche community.

I had opportunity to hear Jean Vanier speak at Holy Spirit church here in the city of Calgary and attended the viewing of the film,  Belonging at St. Mary’s University College, where I purchased a copy for our school community and viewed it with my religion students every year.  While the children told me I was fighting a losing battle where bullying was concerned, I was determined through the use of such tools as the film, Belonging: The Search for Acceptance film, to bring my students to a larger understanding of the human condition and our collective vulnerability.

Today, I have learned that my friend, Hollee has been an integral part of the l’Arche community and I am so very proud of her and her efforts.  She always had a heart for so much love and now I have discovered just how large that heart has been in her life.  This is a beautiful day.  And this is ‘magic’!

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