While I really don’t get to see my three brothers very often, I love them all and I’m very proud of them.  There is not a day that I do not feel grateful for the time that we shared as family and what they continue to mean to me, although far away!  I have you in my prayers.

Mount Assiniboine: My Oldest Brother, the Outdoors Man!

This brother,  closest to me in age, shares early-childhood memories with me.  He took the upper bunk and I took the lower in squashed PMQ beginnings.  We shared the ‘young military life’ experiences with our parents and this created a bond that will always be.  He is a printer by trade, with too many diverse skills to mention. 



My Amazing Brother, Cliff..."Defending the Eggs", as he would say.


Cliff's Chinook Charters

 Cliff’s love of sport-fishing goes back, respectfully, to our paternal grandfather.  I think also, he grew in admiration for the fishermen of the east coast while visiting that beautiful province after meeting his wife, raised up in Port au Port, Newfoundland.  He has his own business and is captivated by the beauty of the west coast.  He continues to inform me of the issues around salmon and seal populations.

The Middle Child :0) With His Handsome Cadet Sons

 Sometimes I am just amazed by the accomplishments of my brother, our family’s middle child.  His service to our country will always be something that our entire family will be proud of.  Good laughs are always shared when he is around!

Navy Captain with USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH as background.


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