Burning Water

While attending the Marda Loop Justice Film Festival last evening, I had the opportunity to view the film, Burning Water.  This is a film that everyone should see, particularly, Albertans.  I was appalled and very concerned for Fiona Lauridsen’s family , but also for the many unaware individuals who have companies like Encana drilling and fracking on their land.  As a  citizen of a world that needs, above all, to protect its water, I would like to think that we can move toward a spirit of sustainable energy.  As a consumer, we need to be educated and at the very least, consume less.

The relationship that Fiona and Encana formed was initially, one of mutual trust.  Of course, Encana provided a particular income to her family as compensation for the efforts to collect energy from the farm lands that gave less than profitable results from grain farming and cattle.  But, once fracking had taken place, the water was left, BURNING! And in my opinion, from that point, both Encana and the Alberta Government proceeded to fail this family! See this documentary!  Find it here.

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