Dance Who You Are Today

Peggy Baker

Image borrowed from

I was so inspired this morning when my daughter updated her facebook status and these words appeared.  “Dance Who You Are Today!”  There was a remarkable story posted with her updates and so I began to look into this woman’s journey as an artist, especially given that her interview on Q TV took place when she was my own present age, 56. At 11:45-13:25 in this clip…Peggy begins the most amazing description of her body.  This moment in the interview truly spoke to me.  I hope that you will take the time to view this.

Look at her fingers…her hands… at 16:40.  “Put everything into every moment.  Invest yourself in every moment you have.”

I am going to go and dance who I am today.  In keeping with thinking about journals, here is Peggy’s journal.

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