Dear Friend Elma

Cayley and Elma

Among my most precious friends, is 94 year old Elma.  She was born in Clearwater, Manitoba in 1917 to a young Swede, Alma Swanson and farmer, Fred Fisher.  Given the circumstances of her biological mother, Elma ended up raised by her new family in Atlee, Alberta.

We have been blessed to have Elma in our lives for over twenty years and consider her to be one of the most important people to share our family feast table.  There’s not a single Thanksgiving dinner where the youngest of the gathering do not line up at the door for their annual Elma-photo op.  This year Elma was assigned apple-slicing duty and potato cutting duty.  And as aways, she did a fantastic job!

James and Elma


Erin and Elma

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