Tuesday’s Collage:Tree of Life

Rooted In the Tree of Life

Ongoing progress on the mural…this is a very time-intensive phase of the project.  I have about 20 pages left of the second cycle of liturgical readings and then the entire third cycle to apply.  Last Tuesday I had thought I was coming to the end of the third cycle.  S’ok. First,  I’m giving the base of the tree the visual weight required to create a sense of strength and rootedness.  The third cycle of readings will be used to develop the branching in a very filigree sort of approach.

Detail With Exposed Reading


The process feels similar to other detail work like knitting, embroidery or weaving.  The work is very painstaking, but ultimately the project shows quality and care.

Names of the Baptized: Included Slowly Over Time

To This Point: Two Hundred Names


The beginnings of layered scripture will also create depth and meaning in the piece, all connected with the themes of ‘naming’ and ‘baptism’ as I explore the notion of our inheritance.  It was a beautiful and contemplative time in the St. Anne’s room.  I thought of my own children throughout the afternoon.

Scriptural Passage: Matthew 28: 19

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