Front Yard Visitors

Flea Bag


Now that the sparrows are actively feeding at the tube feeder at the front, there are other visitors.  This squirrel will be a ‘regular’ as he/she was here yesterday and then again this morning.  Good to note that he can’t access seed directly from the tube feeder, but waits for bits to be scattered on the ground!  With the squirrel, seems to come a magpie.  So on-and-off again yesterday, there was some squawking given by that big guy.

Image by Chris Bates

Most wonderful for me this morning was the visit from a small woodpecker.  The image above was taken by Chris Bates and this is what my little guy looked like. I’ve accessed my birder book and I’m still a bit uncertain, but I’m thinking he was a Downy Woodpecker, small, with black and white markings and a flash of red on his head.  He stayed for almost fifteen minutes, but because I wasn’t prepared for him, I likely didn’t make note of the necessary details to make an accurate identification. Awesome to have new visitors!

No getting rid of this guy! He's a lifer.

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