Banners to Stretched Canvas


Some time ago, I painted huge banners to capture the journey of Lent through to the Resurrection, using hands as the metaphor for the journey.  We were displaying this one on Ash Wednesday and through to the end of 40 days.

The frequent relocation from display to storage was causing a lot of damage to the surface of the paint and so recently, we made the decision to stretch the paintings over stretcher bars.  Yesterday, I roughed up the surface of the banners so that I can restore and repaint the pieces once stretched.  A big job! 

Easter Vigil


I knew that I wanted to make some proportion and anatomical changes to the hands anyway, so I am considering this process an opportunity.  I am grateful to my friend for assisting in this work and look forward to sharing the journey here on wordpress.  Unfortunately, the composition is being affected, given that I am losing almost three inches in the width and length and so when I repaint, I have to make certain that I also restore the initial intent to the work.  For example, the red at the base of the resurrection banner represents the pain and suffering of the cross, leading to the eventuality of the resurrection.  Absolutely necessary and yet, I have lost that here.

Losing the Concept of Red

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