Sunday Visit to The Wild Bird Store

A Feeder For Any Bird!

YIKES!  I visited such an amazing and magical place, while thinking about the preponderance of sparrows at the backyard feeder.  I have been hearing the chickadees and have made sitings, but they are not approaching the feeder because of the huge numbers of sparrows present in the yard.  I think I might have written about this already and so, I have decided to do something about it!  When I can’t get something out of my head, I have to follow through with some reading and get my questions answered. 

The wooden feeder that you see above is, what I view as, my deluxe model, suitable for all sorts of visitors.  To this one, I will add my seed for nuthatch and chickadees and hopefully steer the sparrows away from that location.  This is a mixture that includes primarily black sunflower seed.

Chickadee/Nuthatch Mix

 The feeder below is my new tube feeder where I will expect my sparrows to continue to forage and beat about.  The sparrows particularly enjoy white millet.  Their beaks are shaped in such a way that they find it difficult to peck away at the small openings, more accessible to finches and longer-beaked birds.


 I will use up the rest of my Wal-Mart mix in this feeder and then begin buying bulk from The Wild Bird Store.  I’m also thinking about locating the tube feeder in my front yard tree.  Still thinking about that one.

Deluxe Sparrow Feed

 Finally, I’m very excited about my inexpensive, but versatile feeder for golden finches and the like.  I’ve read that it’s not uncommon to have visits in the winter from these.



For this feeder, I will use Nyjer Seed.  I’m enthused about setting up the yard for bird- watching.  My parents have always been so happy when they’ve spotted birds and there has been much laughter shared about bird shenanigans!  I have many fond memories, gathering at the back window on visits with my parents.

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